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Dear Facebook…

Dear Facebook,

I have read an article in the German magazine c’t which said it is time we users take our content back. After all, it is us creating the content. So while I appreciate your service and all the good stuff it brings I also don’t feel too much at ease with you ‘owning’ my data; meaning many things:

  • you decide who can see it and who cannot 
  • you may decide on a whim to change your %^!*@ configuration for ‘privacy’ yet again; who will see my stuff with an add and the like
  • if you go bankrupt, you will sell my data to someone else
  • Don’t get me started on the NSA being able to read all my data just because it is hosted in the US


So, after some thinking, I decided to take the following step:

(1) I’ll host my ‘data’ (pictures, text, you-know-what) outside of Facebook and only post links to the stuff on FB. I delete my stuff – it’s gone from Facebook. Too bad for you 😉

(2) As a first step, I chose as place to host my data. No offense meant, I just trust them more. Yes, it does cost me $99 a year – but on the upside: I own my data; not them. No ads for anyone going to my data directly rather than through Facebook.

(3) If I get very bold, I may chose to not even post my data on Facebook any longer and to only use blogging in the future. Who knows?

Well, this is only an experiment so far which I am doing not the least because I am an IT professional so setting up a blog is not too hard for me [[and, to be honest, and other sites make it darn easy these days]].

Facebook (and of course my Facebook friends!): please watch this space 😉

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