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GREAT TOUR of Chicago – “Elevated Architecture”

I heard about tours being done by the Chicago Architecture foundation (, so I book the tour ‘Elevated Architecture: Chicago’s South Side by “L”‘.

It turns out to be a FANTASTIC tour… Starts right at the Chicago Architecture Foundation store (224 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60604):


Walk out the back and you are in a wonderful building named ???, a former railway station (??) with a beautiful model of downtown Chicago as of today, see for a short video. Lots of good information about the major buildings:


On it goes through various locations along the “L” loop, shown on this map:


Being so busy with my camera phone 🙂 I can’t remember the name of all locations – but a lot of very interesting buildings and a lot of breathtaking views. Amended by a great deal of background information provided by our very knowledgeable and friendly tour guide.

Let’s name and look at a few buildings…

Fisher building: neo-gothic, build around 1900, “watery” decoration (find the frogs…), see



Harold Washington Public Library:  BEAUTIFUL building, built in 1991, postmodern, see


Quincy Station of “L” Loop: the only station looking mostly as it did back in 1897 when it was built , see Beautiful wooden and iron structures; signage in enamel:



Heck, Chicago even as a gem of architecture as Federal Prison building:


One could ‘connect’ to the prisoners being on the exercise court on the top of the building by waving – they’d wave back. See,_Chicago

Along the way nice views of Wilson building (formerly known as Sears tower); Trump tower:


I should also mention the ‘unknow builings’ that I liked a lot; converted into posh living for the wealthy in downtown Chicago, some shots:



And of course the “L” train itself; the ‘moving’ pictures of it were done with the so-called “Action Camera” built into my lovely new (camera-)phone, the Lumia 1020. The while iron/wood bits are still in original state… 


When we left the confines of the “L” train, we would use a modern turnstile yet look at a steel construction built in the end of the 19th century, more than 100 years ago. What a perfect way to end this tour…



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