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Shopping in Hyderabad…

I made a huge mistake by going to a store selling local handicrafts.

Why huge mistake: I like handicrafts, especially when they have local appeals and show good craftsmanship.

The moment I walked into the door I knew I’d be buying over my budget and so I did… I can’t post any pictures of my purchases are many are Christmas presents.

Negotiations about price are part of the shopping experience here and I can’t say I enjoy this part, but in fact this went well also… Live and let live 🙂

I also played a quick game of chess with one of the guys, on the chees board I bought for myself, finally we did a group shot. (Note: I – by principle – don’t have recognizable faces on my blog pics. Call me paranoid – but to me that is too much information out in the Internet: think about NSA, face-recognition software, …)

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