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Travelling on business – some pros and cons – my private experiences and opinion

This year I will probably spend more than 70 days and nights away from home – all of them traveling on business.

I have been to Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai (twice), Hyderabad (where I am right now), Amsterdam, London (twice already, one more time coming up), Nice, Oslo, Trondheim, Palo Alto (three times), Orlando, Chicago (twice), Atlanta (twice), probably more cities.

I have started this blog this year to keep track a bit – for myself and my family to follow if they like to.

With this post, I want to put some pros and cons about this – very subjective, my thoughts. I have several colleagues travelling even more and they might feel different 🙂


  • If one likes to see interesting places and to visit very different cultures, the life on the road can be very nice
  • You meet people from very different cultures – both in the professional world; but also, if you are lucky, just normal people of the culture.
  • Very often there is a local newspaper available in English – which
  • You collect ‘hotel bonus points’ and ‘airline bonus points’ which you can redeem for personal travel
  • You make the big bucks 😉    Well, in fact it is not required to make the big bucks unless you work in sales


  • If one likes to see interesting places and to visit very different cultures, the life on the road can be not nice: all too often you go to a city only to not see it at all: arrive at airport late in the night, sleep in hotel, all day meetings on the next day, leave by plane
  • Right now it is Sunday and have flows from Germany to Kuala Lumpur, to Mumbai, to Hyderabad. As of now I have worked 66 hours (starting the work with on Monday); 16 of them were spend in airplanes, sometimes working sometimes not. I will probably work for another 4-5 hours today
  • Even when staying in nice hotels, it is not being at home. You are not seeing your loved ones.
  • I hate packing and unpacking. This trip will be for a total of 9 days in three different hotels; not too bad. But I have had many trips with 8 hotels in two weeks.
  • I consider myself somewhat ecologically conscious:
  • I get “green electric power” in Germany by buying my electricity from Greenpeace (they did found a German electricity company, see and – both websites are in Germany only. But they are similar businesses starting up in the US and elsewhere). I drive a somewhat ecologic car. But then I am flying a lot and a lot – which certainly offsets all my other feeble attempts to live a eco-friendly life. I have accepted this – but I am not to happy about it.

Closing remarks

This is the life I chose at the moment, so this post is not meant as complaint (!)

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