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Bringing out the maker in me … (?)

I had a tad of holidays after Christmas and planned on the ‘fun’ task of making my office less messy (there is a whole pile of stuff which needs to be put away orderly – nothing I exactly like doing).

Well, instead I got hooked on “making” yet again (see my prior post ). Rather than reducing mess I ended up buying a bunch of stuff to add a ‘workbench area’ to my already over-stuffed office:

WP_20140112_18_43_39_Pro (1)

The fun part was putting my favorite tools (some of them new but most of them old and already put away nicely) on the newly built “tool hanging thingy” – much more fun than filing papers! I could re-arrange this for hours 😉 Here’s a closer look at the new tool arrangement. Pick your favorite tool …

WP_20140112_18_45_06_Pro (1)

Now I have direct access to tools I use about 2 times/months! Think about all the time I’ll be saving! (Lol)

The tools being in order I am getting started on some electronic stuff – I have a few projects in mind which will use Arduino; for now I just played with a LED and resistor. The weird bit: I was fascinated by electronics in high school and did some ‘experiments’ about as complex as here:

WP_20140112_19_16_55_Pro (1)

… back then in my highschool years. Then studying electronics as part of my physics class (all math, no practical examples at all) took all the fun away…

It seems like I’ll go back to electronics tinkering and making … Having ‘only’ done software for more than a decade it seems like I want to build stuff which is analog as well. Let’s see where this is going.

(In case you wonder what’s happening on the above picture: a 7V battery drives a LED; a resistor of 1000 Ohm prevents the LED from being fried; the current is measured and displayed @ 5 mA [milliAmpere]).

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