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One night in Bangkok

Arrived in Bangkok yesterday and my local colleagues took me out for a night in town. We walked around a bit and took the local train, ending up on a high-rise building with a rather magnificient view. The view was from Centara Grand (55th floor, about 200 m high) facing another high-rise building, the Baiyoke Sky tower building also known as BMW tower, with 80 floors, more than 300 m high (

The first picture shows the view from Centara Grand sky bar to BMW tower, the second picture shows Centara Grand from street level.

For the photo geek: Both pictures were taken with a mobile phone (Nokia Lumia 1020, no tripod, leaned against glass or railing), stored as DNG raw file (!), post-processed in Photoshop.


WP_20140326_20_35_17_processed_1600_wide WP_20140326_22_16_51_processed_1600_wide

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