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Un-boxing my new Xbox one…

It arrived, shipped from ‘OTTO versand Hamburg’ (inside joke for the German readers)

First impression: WOW. If Apple had created this, the press would go wild with praise. Microsoft gets crucified for potential privacy invasion… Whatever.

First Skype call: amazing the way the Kinnect follows my face and zooms in. This is a powerful and cheap video group conferencing system.

Played a bit of Forca and nearly wrecked the Golf R (wicked fast version of Golf). Thanks to lots of driving assistance and ‘easy’ setting I won my first race.

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  1. Wow. Even a special blog..;-). Nice toy for sure. The Kinect is really a nice sophisticated device for the really cheap price. If you are interested in controlling it via pc rather than the XBOX, MS does have an SDK for that…. pretty cool stuff!

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