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An evening cruise along the Bosporus…

OK, let’s start with a bit of Geography as this is rather confusing to myself.So here is a ‘naked’ map of Istanbul:

1 Map1-naked

Lots of water, isn’t it? Let’s figure out the pieces:

1 Map2-pieces

The blue part on the right is Asia (from a continental plate point of view – this is all Turkey after all). It is separated from the other two parts by the Bosporus ( Both the red and green bits are parts of Istanbul, separated from each other by the ‘Golden Horn’.

Now where do I get from here (on water)? See the red arrows: Going south-west I’ll (eventually) get into the Mediterranean sea; going north-east I’ll get into the Black sea.

Having figured Geography out, let’s look at the tour we did by boat:

1 Map3-cruise

We started at the “X”, then cruised along the European side of the Bosporus, went under the two bridges crossing the Bosporus (see numbers 1 and 2); turned back and cruised along the Asian side. Very nice views of Istanbul at night – not exactly easy to take a picture off (with a mobile phone no less).

So here are a few pictures of the cruise and of the food on board …

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