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Flying the UNfriendly skies

On may way from Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi (final destianation to Tokyo) I am looking at the live flight path and wonder whether Etihad Airways, my carrier of choice, should pay (or charge for?) an “extra excitement bonus”: First me had to swing right to avoid flying over the Krim region, next we are swinging left not to fly too closely over IS (Islamic “State”, how they call them in a rather ridiculous fashion) territory. The joy of flying…

Read on for the maps… They start with an overview (upper left), the position “above” black sea, close to Krim (upper right), a good view of the “double S curve” and a close-up being close to Mosul.

On a side note, this is the first blog I post while flying; courtesy of Wifi-on-board (US$ 22) and German Telecom who provide the service

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