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Fantastic Japanese food, again

At restaurant Kisaragi in Tokyo (see , Ikegami, Ota, Tokyo Prefecture 146-0082, Japan +81 3-3753-7239 –  no own web site).

This was a very memorable evening – excellent food and company. The following descriptions follow the pictures below, first left to right then top to bottom.

Starting the evening with a Japanese single malt whiskey, onwards to to shark bones (sic) followed by ‘plate’ of Sashimi. The beauty of display and the excellence of fish… Onwards to a Suntory beer and some pork, then one of many choices of Sake (cold). Next course is pork belly, also fries. Then there are shark fins – my second ‘first’ for the evening. And wonderful salmon followed by fish liver. Followed by juice chicken and another fish (of unknown name).

The evening is closed with hot sake, sweet rice balls in nori seaweed and finally a miso soup with small mussels.

Of course one can get Japanese food all over the world – but going out with locals in restaurants where this is no English menu is, in my experience, just a further step up the food ladder.

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