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Lost in time zones …

On my way from Tokyo to Jaipur (10th largest city of India,Ā This is a flight with two intermediate stopsĀ as follows:

  • Tokyo –> Singapore, about 7 hours flight
  • About 4 hours wait in Singapore
  • Singapore –> New Delhi, about 6 hours flight
  • About 4.5 hours wait in New Delhi
  • New Delhi –> Jaipur, about one hour flight

So total flight time is 14 hours; total time traveling (first touchdown to last touchdown) is 22.5 hours.

Right now I am in Singapore, local time 4:30 am, next flight in 3 hours. Local timeĀ India is about 2 am, local time Tokyo about 5:30. Local time Germany (where I left five days ago) is 9:30 pm.


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