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Photo Stacking of a Camellia Bud

First attempt at “macro photo stacking” using Photoshop CC 2014. This is how it’s done:

  1. Start PS, don’t create or open a file
  2. Use File/Automate/Photomerge
  3. Select the files. Use Layout “Auto”, do not check any of “Blend Images Together”, “Vignette Removal”, “Geometric Distortion Correction”, then press OK
  4. You’ll get a new PS file with three layers which are already “aligned” so that the geometry is right. Save that file
  5. Select all layers
  6. Use Edit/Auto-Blend Layers. Select “Stack Images”, do check “Seamless Tones and Colors”
  7. Press OK and wait for the result
  8. Done …

First the result – an impressive depth of field based on only three pictures (taken during this visit to the Palmengarten in Frankfurt):


Then, the three pictures on which this one was based (in lower resolution, but you get the idea). Note the focus moving from the back to the front.

stackme-3 stackme-2 stackme-1

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