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Woodworking project “easy”: Trivets from beech wood

Finally another woodworking project: I made three trivets (“Topfuntersetzer” in German) from a beechwood board bought at the local home improvement store. Steps of the project:

  • Cut into the right shape (using both a small table saw as well as an electric fret saw)
  • Mill corners to get them in a nice round shape (using more gear, namely a milling cutter)
  • Sanding it to maximum smoothness (by hand. Using grains of 40, 100, 240, 400, 600). Then rinse and and let try
  • Use oil for finishing: according to various sources on the Internet, walnut oil works just fine. And it did.
  • Another sanding off for final finishing (240, 400, 600)

An easy project – and I like the end result. Minor blemishes prove it is indeed home-made 🙂

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