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LOL: after loosing too many games in a row – finally a WIN

and one with nice stats on my end (after playing really bad for a few games):

lol win. nice

21 assists is rather beautiful, especially for me. More detailed stats on the web at or here:

lol win 2


Here is the team gold development:

team gold


The win did not feel THAT clear though. The other players on my team were level 17, 16, 16, 14. The enemy players were level 19 (youngpalo88, !), 14 (youngpalo88), 17 (yvo17), 15 (dkgubjegmrk) and 16 (ronaldinhobarca). With my being level 12 only, I am not sure whether I should feel cheated by LOL or proud 🙂

YES, I should have could have killed more minions, mined for gold, CS’d better. This is hard to learn though, especially with “dynamic roles” such as in this game where “help here” was constantlcy called for.

I humbly admit to shouting very bad swear words at the guys who killed me 10+ times. I much more humbly, and with a very bad conscience, admit to shouting you a..hole after I in fact killed HIM the first time. LOL brings out the bad in you – just as any game.

Note to self: behave like an adult when playing with teenagers 🙂

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