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My new backup strategy…

With the current surge of crypto ransom malware, it was time to fix my private backup strategy once and for all.

Thanks to my favorite computer magazine, c’t, (, I now have the following set up:

  • I use open source program ‘duplicati‘ as backup software. This is easily the best backup software I have seen, and I have seen a few
  • I backup to the cloud. Yes. The cloud is not all evil. Duplicati protects the backup with strong encryption
  • I chose Amazon as cloud provider. Specifically, the ‘S3‘ service. Currently I have used 3 GB which is still the free bit but I plan to use more in the future.

Here are a few screenshots…

Doing a partial backup:

duplicati partial backup

What was saved during a partial backup

dup part 2

Doing a restore

dupl restore

Closing words

The danger of crypto ransom trojans is very real. Protecting yourself is, unfortunately, very hard, especially if you are ‘only’ a computer user rather than an expert. Do it anyway. This is why you have geek friends…


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