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FB, IG, Twitter: taking back my content …

Let’s face it – Facebook (FB), Instagram (IG), WordPress (WP) and Twitter are fabuluous. Easy to use, connect with real people, get random new thoughts, (waste your life away 😦 But that is true for the whole Internet).

So what is NOT so great:

  • Everything you post is BigDate analyed to death
  • Everything you post is pretty much visible to anyone with Internet
  • If <add your social media site> goes bust, it gets really interesting:
    • (###) Everything you ever posted might be gone, NOW. You don’t have an SLA with them
    • ($$$) Worse: the true value of what’s left is exactly your data. So it could and will be sold (see above)

My real worry is (###): if/when I sit in a wheelchair in 20 years, overseeing the lake/mountains/whatever in my posh retirement home, I want to look back at these wild funny interesting years right now. That’s a reason to be that public in the first place.

There is nothing one can do about ($$$). However, protecting against (###) is surprisingly easy. Here are a couple of options:

  1. Backup your content locally. Haven’t checked all of the above, but on FB you can download all your posts
  2. Copy your content to a blog where you pay for hosting. That decreases the chance of them going bust; also it makes it “your” data legally (I guess)
  3. Cross-post on social media

I am not doing 1 at all. I am doing 2 here and there. And I am just getting started on 3. Having an account on Twitter, FB, IG plus a blog on WP helps 🙂

Enter IFTTT. At the moment this is free and it is a great site, allowing you to automate stuff. My very first ‘recipe’ was if I post something on IG, cross-post on Twitter. By now I have FIVE recipes, and they are pretty self-explanatory:



You’ll find them all having the IF part being Instagram, and that has two reasons:

  • IG does not have a THEN bit – because their API doesn’t allow that (screw them!)
  • I am a visual dude and these days my posts often start with a picture/video; IG being the logical place to share

Assuming I post on IG first, for the content to be lost, it would require all of IG, FB, Twitter and WP to go bust. (Or the whole world economy to crash or a nuclear war but that’s a different story).

Side note: I had to create a FB page to make some of this work. So be it.


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