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Bembel at Hessen Shop Frankfurt Airport

March 2, 2016

A relatively new shop at Frankfurt airport is the “Hessen-Shop”, selling items from the ‘Hessen’, English Hesse. The shop has a website yet only in German. Next time in Frankfurt make a stop, it is worth it (but a bit of a walk from the terminals).

Mozart at original location

Nice chamber music concert in Vienna. Mozart live in this place a bit, so did Haydn. They played string quartet together. Tiny room means being very close to musicians. Loved it.

Nippon Manga – or visit Japan

Nice music video about why Japan is worth a visit. Japanase Schoolgirls singing hard rock 🙂 Brings back nice memories to Asakusa, Asahi brewery, Tokyo Tower, … Click here for the video on Youtube. Make sure you have subtitles on.

ABBA weekend

Practice for summer concert with choir

Exhibition “German Pop Art” in Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt

While we had no Andy Warhol or the like, Germany did have a few artists engaging in “Pop Art”. The following pictures show my favorites from an exhibition in Schirn in Frankfurt.

Wiesbaden im Biedermeier

Da muss man von einem Besucher aus dem Saarland auf eine Ausstellung in Wiesbaden hingewiesen werden: Ausstellung vom 16.01. – 10.04.2015 Wiesbaden – Die nassauische Residenzstadt im Biedermeier Mehr dazu siehe Die Ausstellung ist klein und fein und interessant – mir haben es insbesondere die alten Ansichten von Wiesbaden angetan. Hier z.B. “hinterm (alten!) Kurhaus”… Read More ›

An evening cruise along the Bosporus…

OK, let’s start with a bit of Geography as this is rather confusing to myself.So here is a ‘naked’ map of Istanbul: Lots of water, isn’t it? Let’s figure out the pieces: The blue part on the right is Asia (from a continental plate point of view – this is all Turkey after all). It… Read More ›

Istanbul Holy sites tour

A quick walking tour along the so-called Blue Mosque and along the Hagia Sophia. Both very impressive sites. The Hagia Sofia used to be the largest sacred building for about 1000 years, to be topped only by St. Peters Basilica. Winding down with some Turkish delights in the hotel room 🙂

Neulich beim Bäcker – die Russen kommen!

Heute morgen, Bäckerei Dries, Sonnenberg. Es ist nicht nur etwas voll sondern randvoll. Knapp 10 Russen bestellen Tee, Brötchen, Kuchen. Auf Nachfrage: die Jungs sind „on business trip“. What kind of business? Sie sind Bäcker (!) aus Kasan (?? mehr als 1 Mio Einwohner, ) und suchen neue Ideen. Eine Mitarbeiterin „der Chef war… Read More ›

Must-see for dancing fans: The A-Z of dance

2 Million views and counting – for a good reason. Wow. Wow. WOW!