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Restaurierung eines Hobels – Theorie

July 2, 2016

Aus dem MAKE Magazin newsletter – , eine Idee fuer ein DIY Projekt. Ich habe einen alten, arg verrosteten “Stanley Bailey No. 4” Hobel – und in diesem Video wird Schritt-für-Schritt beschrieben wie man diesen auf Hochglanz Vordermann bringt. Soweit zur Theorie, hoffentlich kommt irgendwann der Tag der Praxis 🙂 Nachtrag: Hobel (Deutsch) – Höylä (Finnisch)… Read More ›

Fabulous Circuit Diagram from


A small wood working project

Long time no woodworking, this project was driven by neccessity: the handle of a frying pan lid (made of plastic) broke and needed replacement. I had some scrap beech wood which was fit for the job. Using my various tools (see here, plus this beast), it was a nice Saturday project.

Mobile Raumklimageräte – Modellvergleich

Wir haben seit drei Tagen das Modell  De’Longhi PAC N 81 im Einsatz. Es kam flott via Amazon und hat knapp 400 € gekostet. Installation ist *nicht* einfach, da der Abluftschlauch gut “installiert” werden will. Das Gerät ist laut und kühlt. Ich habe dann mal nach Alternativen gesucht und habe einen TEST der Stiftung Warentest gefunden, von… Read More ›

Note to self: Fixing broken glasses 👓 is not easy

I broke my glasses by sitting on them. First attempt at fixing them: Use epoxy glue. Worked like a charm for three weeks. Until now. Second attempt: Planning on progress, suggestions welcome

Woodworking project “easy”: Trivets from beech wood

Finally another woodworking project: I made three trivets (“Topfuntersetzer” in German) from a beechwood board bought at the local home improvement store. Steps of the project: Cut into the right shape (using both a small table saw as well as an electric fret saw) Mill corners to get them in a nice round shape (using more… Read More ›

To be young again…

Simple knitting pleasure using a knitting spool (German: Strickliesel)

Latte Art

I am still working on “Latte Art @ home” – and I cannot say I had much success lately. So far there was one stroke of luck and many many failures. The biggest problem is getting the milk foam just right (not too foamy!). Well, today I got the milk foam right but my painting… Read More ›

Physics of the dropping coin (or strawberry)

This is related to the following picture:   , which is explained in this posting. So for the physics behind it, read on… Physics of the dropping coin Formulas to use (see ): Acceleration is the gravitational force, g = 9.81 m / (s*s) Speed (v) at a specific time (t): v = g *… Read More ›

“Experimental Photography” – results

What do you get if you take two physicists who like photography and give them three long nights to tinker? Answer: you find yourself using an Arduino  , a relay shield for Arduino , an electromagnet, a DSLR, a flash, some aluminum plates, some wood, a glass jug, water, milk with food coloring, coins, strawberries. After… Read More ›