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Wiener schnitzel (not!) in Vienna

February 18, 2016

At a business meeting in beautiful Vienna – with dinner in a famous Schnitzel Place, “Figlmueller” ( ). Nice place, down-to-earth, large Schnitzel. However, I struggle hard with Dinner selection: Should I eat the classic (“Wiener Schnitzel”, veal) or the other classic (“Figlmueller Schnitzel”, pork, huge) or the other other classic (“Tafelspitz”, boiled beef). After… Read More ›

Thai beer 🍺 in Bangkok

Nice warm but not too hot evening in hotel lounge…

German beer 🍺 in Indonesia

Brewed in a microbrewery in Jakarta, Indonesia we find good old Paul Paulaner beer. Not exactly a microbrewery in Germany πŸ™‚ – see ( Also note the spelling of “Brauhaus” (Germany for brewery) and the waiters in Lederhosen (which were not of “Leder”=Leather) …    

Views of Taipei 101 tower…

…from the street and from an Irish pub with interesting food

A room with a view…

Nice view from hotel in Taipei:

Korean stout beer 🍺 in Seoul

I like stout beer 🍺 in general so what s nice surprise 🎊 to find a Korean one while in Seoul

Summer time … and the Weizen is easy …

Sitting in front of Kurhaus Wiesbaden enjoying a beer in the sun at KΓ€fer’s. Simple pleasures πŸ™‚

In the meantime a Meantime…

with a view!

Think globally, drink locally: Finnish Beer II

This beer is brewed in Laitila (, a village with less than 10,000 people. I drive by the brewery every now and then.