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Better than Tinder – Finnish Ad

January 27, 2017

From a Finnish News blog (… These are commercials for fresh meat with the byline “better than Tinder”: There was a bit of an outcry in that it would be derogatory for women – to which the company behing the ad commented ‘we were not referring to women with meat at all, we were referring… Read More ›

The two wolves in our head …

  … which one are you feeding? From the great book “Close your eyes” by Michael Robotham (a crime novel), see

Quotation of the Day: Certainty and Doubts

  … makes one think of certain politicians at the moment, especially in the US. Why do politicians always have to be ‘certain’ in a complex world (note: we demand this of them!)…

Kognitive Dissonanz – statt post-faktisch

Sehr guter englischer Artikel warum Fakten oft nix nutzen … siehe Kopie folgt, der wichtigste Teil ist If corrective facts only make matters worse, what can we do to convince people of the error of their beliefs? From my experience, 1. keep emotions out of the exchange, 2. discuss, don’t attack (no ad hominem and… Read More ›

Love over Hate, Modernism over Stone Age, Civilization over Barbarism

#love will triumph over #hate. #Civilization will win over #barbarism. A #modern world view will win over a #stoneage one. Proper interpretation of #islam will win over #islamism. In short the Islamic ‘state’ is getting desparate. #Germany will #keepcalmandcarryon (This is how the British guys survived the Germans bombing London…). For now our thoughts are with… Read More ›

Dear Islamist Terrorist planning to kill the Infidels …

This is what you are promised by your religious leaders: This is what you will really get: (you are the guy being eaten in the middle …). Don’t believe me? Read on… The fear of Heaven and Hell For thousands of years, people have feared ‘hell’ and striven to reach ‘heaven’ after life on this earth…. Read More ›

Nice game :-)

What I think of Nigel Farage …

As I have been reminded by close friends, I need to be careful with my language on the Internet. This is hard for me, specifically when I want to describe what I think of Nigel Farage. So here goes: Nigal Farage is a -BLEEP- who does not have a -BLEEP- of what he has done -BLEEP-. He… Read More ›

US politicians about the Trump, then and now

From The Economist. Enlightening.

The Economist on the Brexit

Part of a longer article, very well written