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Seven Steps to Happiness

Found on Instagram, Source unknown:

Fantastic food 😋 in Berlin at one below zero

What increases your chances of finding a really memorable dining experience? Here are two key factors: travel to places. In this case, Berlin know the right folks. They will tell you where to go So let’s talk about a very memorable dining experience. I am traveling a lot with a lot of fine dining –… Read More ›

Being Productive …

from the depth of the Internet … Seems mostly correct – I do disagree in several areas in the food section though.

Fabulous Circuit Diagram from


Spring / Frühling :-)

A walk around the block yielded these images – thanks to the garden folks around here … All images are, in full res, at

My new backup strategy…

With the current surge of crypto ransom malware, it was time to fix my private backup strategy once and for all. Thanks to my favorite computer magazine, c’t, (, I now have the following set up: I use open source program ‘duplicati‘ as backup software. This is easily the best backup software I have seen,… Read More ›

My worldwide favorite department store…

Is Selfridges in London. Mr. Selfridge was an American who came to London to implement his vision of a department store – the rest is history as they say  


Back in the flying game again after a bit of an abstinence… Sunset at Heathrow airport, a view of more than 5 BA 747s – always nice.

Steak! In London, the ‘Argentina way’

Great place at For guys eating away at roughly a kilo of meat. Not exactly vegetarian but as I rather eat great meat rarely than so-so meat often just my kind of thing… Photos are not optimal but for my memories sake here they are…

Quote of the day – on multitasking and hectic

This blog entry was written while multitasking and the irony is NOT lost on me: There is time enough for everything, in the course of the day, if you do but one thing at once; but there is not time enough in the year, if you will do two things at a time. The steady… Read More ›