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“The Barbarians Within Our Gates” – an Arab about the state of the Arab world

Found in a German weekly magazine (“Die ZEIT”), translated into German. The original article appeared in Politico and is a somewhat bitter analysis about the state of affairs in middle east – please read here: Copy of text follows The Barbarians Within Our Gates With his decision to use force against the violent extremists of… Read More ›

Erdogan und die Kurden

Aus der ZEIT. Dann mal auf nach Istanbul…

Ashraf Ghani publicly mentioning his wife and the comments of Afghan conservatives

From “The Times” of today:                     And to all you ‘Conservatives’: with all due respect in my opinion, you are not conservative, you are ignorant and wrong. History will prove what you are: selfish men who like their women to be their servants. IMHO the West’… Read More ›

A muslim telling other muslim why joining IS is VERY WRONG

Dr. Rouhani , president of Iran, spoke at UN in Sep 2014.  The full text is also available at his website, Here is a piece of it which clearly states that what IS is doing is very wrong: [[of course most muslims do know this but how can the IS can find followers in Europe is just… Read More ›

Rouhani , president of Iran, speaks at UN – his words and what the press reports

The full speech is available to look on Youtube, the text is also available at his website, I have read the whole text and there is a lot of *clear* truth in it. It is interesting what the mainstream media reports – and what not. I find the whole speech required reading for anyone interested… Read More ›