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Life, the Universe and Everything – in Reference to Douglas Adams,,_the_Universe_and_Everything

Better than Tinder – Finnish Ad

January 27, 2017

From a Finnish News blog (… These are commercials for fresh meat with the byline “better than Tinder”: There was a bit of an outcry in that it would be derogatory for women – to which the company behing the ad commented ‘we were not referring to women with meat at all, we were referring… Read More ›

The two wolves in our head …

  … which one are you feeding? From the great book “Close your eyes” by Michael Robotham (a crime novel), see

Seven Steps to Happiness

Found on Instagram, Source unknown:

Being Productive …

from the depth of the Internet … Seems mostly correct – I do disagree in several areas in the food section though.

Quote of the day – on multitasking and hectic

This blog entry was written while multitasking and the irony is NOT lost on me: There is time enough for everything, in the course of the day, if you do but one thing at once; but there is not time enough in the year, if you will do two things at a time. The steady… Read More ›

Happy New Year!

Fireworks in Sonnenberg …

Proverb of the day

From WIRED magazine: “Philosophy for dealing with prima donna artists: If the shit gets bigger than the cat, out goes the cat” Jimmi Iovine Beautiful 🙂

Galactic Beauty!

From a NASA article I extracted the following picture. Absolutely and totally amazing… It shows a part of the Veil Nebula, in “pseudo colors” (meaning this is not what the eye of Captain Kirk would see). It also shows a rather close-up view as demonstrated in this video. How pretty…

Sail ⛵ away from safe harbor…

Great book with a great theme… (sorry about the wrong orientation of the pictures. Bug in my phone and/or WordPress)

Quote of the Day