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Soldering project

November 28, 2013

In lack of a male to male audio cable, I did a bit of soldering. Which of the three connections is not good? Lol… See for finished project (and fixed connection)

Wonderful performance in womens gymnastics!

Please see   When watching this, I was peeved quite a bit by the reporter who could not keep his mouth shut even for a second – most of the time stating the very obvious. To me, it took a lot of joy of simply watching the performance match the music away. But… Read More ›

Ein neues Fahrrad. Deutsche und Italiener

Aus dem ZEIT Magazin, leider wahr …:  

Japanese Calligraphy

I have no idea what this says but it surely is pretty… November of my Japanese office calendar

A Toyota!?

Spotted in Washington state: new model by Toyota. Name not known, looking good.

For the fans of German (Bavarian!) music…

I took a video of a band at Frankfurt airport last Friday, here are the videos on Vimeo: Incomplete start, with singing: Complete, Instrumental: Enjoy 😉  

Oktoberfest – a visitor from the US

… who happens to attend Octoberfest for 26 years running. And look at his hat 😉

Lotus Elise

Seen in Wiesbaden today. Photo taken with my new toy, Lumia 1020 phone.

My new phone still works. Thank God.

Got my new phone (Lumia 1020 – ) on Saturday. Hooray! Put it on my night table last night. It fell down twice (ARGH!!!); apparently because the gorilla glass is extremely smooth and my night table is ever so slightly slanted. It still works…