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Whiskey Prices at local ‘Liquor store’

March 1, 2015

As we already checked Whiskey prices at Frankfurt and Helsinki airport duty free, here are prices at the local “liquor store” (a.k.a. Edeka Getränkemarkt):

Finnish designer shoes …

As seen on ‘sex and the city’…

Amazon für Verkauf von Selbstgemachtem

Aus Wiesbadener Kurier vom 17.12.2013

Shopping in Hyderabad…

I made a huge mistake by going to a store selling local handicrafts. Why huge mistake: I like handicrafts, especially when they have local appeals and show good craftsmanship. The moment I walked into the door I knew I’d be buying over my budget and so I did… I can’t post any pictures of my… Read More ›