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March 5, 2016

Back in the flying game again after a bit of an abstinence… Sunset at Heathrow airport, a view of more than 5 BA 747s – always nice.

Leg 8 completed, one to go

Arrived in Abu Dhabi from Bangkok. One more flight to being me back to Frankfurt…

Flying into Bangkok airport

… And taking some shots along the way. Note the cute temple ⛪, also the shadow of our plane during landing and our huge neighbor at the gate…

Leg 7: Jakarta-Bangkok

Watching local TV (advertisement for Ginseng medicine?) in airport lounge Jakarta

Leg #6: Singapore – Jakarta

A new airline, yeah. Garruda Indonesia will take me to the next leg. Only four more legs, including this one, between me and home.

Leg 5: From Taipei to Singapore

Pictures show China airlines plane in Taipei and hotel room view (I am not complaining!) in Singapore. Picture is nearly 180 degrees panorama, there was an app for it…

Leg #4: Korea Taipei

Leg 3: Tokyo-Seoul

Favorite airport lounge worldwide: ANA at Tokyo Narita airport

As I travel a lot, I see aplenty of lounges. Coming to this lounge the second time confirms my liking of it: A beer pouring machine (! – see ). Fresh soba noodles! – and a ANA Boeing 787 in Star Wars Design. I hope to come again …

Leg 2 done, arrived in Tokyo