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Train from Wiesbaden to Vienna

February 17, 2016

Long time no business trip – nice to be on the road again 🙂 This time by train from Wiesbaden to Vienna – takes about 7 hours but much preferred over flying. The pictures are Flughafen Frankfurt railway station and approaching Frankfurt central station.

London subway impressions

Some trick shots as ‘there is an app for it’

Day of a salesman

Starting with breakfast (Sushi!) at Frankfurt airport, taking the train to Duisburg, visiting a factory where real men create real things out of steel (note size of cooling fans), taking the train back. Another day on the road…

A train trip along the Rhine

I took the train from Mainz to Düsseldorf for a business trip, however the route along the Rhine valley is like being on vacation. Magnificent… The last two pictures show the Loreley, somewhat famous for the danger to ships and some local tales with a nice poem

Travel to and from Hamburg, by train

There’s a reason I like travelling by train, one has space, time, gets food at reasonable prices, sees nice things, one gets into center of town rather than in the outskirts. The picture with the flowers is at Hambung “Innenalster”, a short walk from Hamburg central train station (last picture); the other picture is somewhere… Read More ›

Selfie while travelling

        At Frankfurt airport, on way to train to Utrecht  

Wiesbaden – Eisenach, by train and cab

This is IC, not ICE train. The missing E means about 20 years of non-progress, it feels kind of cute.