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“Experimental Photography” – results

What do you get if you take two physicists who like photography and give them three long nights to tinker? Answer: you find yourself using an Arduino  , a relay shield for Arduino , an electromagnet, a DSLR, a flash, some aluminum plates, some wood, a glass jug, water, milk with food coloring, coins, strawberries. After… Read More ›

Arduino Midi DIY project, Part 1

Bought a Sparkfun Midi Shield which came with some soldering work, the pictures show the stages of soldering and the initial test program. Success so far, now the actual project can start… watch this space.

Bringing out the maker in me … (?)

I had a tad of holidays after Christmas and planned on the ‘fun’ task of making my office less messy (there is a whole pile of stuff which needs to be put away orderly – nothing I exactly like doing). Well, instead I got hooked on “making” yet again (see my prior post ). Rather than… Read More ›