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Apple OS X: the most secure Operating system – NOT (!)

But that is not really the point, just an eye-catcher 🙂   Good read at  Copy of text follows… WHICH OPERATING SYSTEM IS THE MOST SECURE? FOUR POINTS TO REMEMBER. MICKE|    No, you are almost certainly wrong if you tried to guess. A recent study shows that products from Apple actually are at the top… Read More ›

Gartner Analyst on “Use of ‘big data analytics”’approaches for security” – true but also LOL

Excerpt: If you fertilize the field of big data with enough marketing bullshit, something will grow. Well, keep waiting for it  Use of “big data analytics” approaches for security seems like THE most “bullshit-rich” area of the entire infosec realm (beating such worthy contenders as APT, DLP, BYOD and, of course, “cyber”).  Full text:!