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Facebook is eating the internet and becoming the Borg

Great post on techradar – see Full copy of text follows Facebook is eating the internet and becoming the Borg By Gary Marshall a day agoWorld of tech  This week it’s papers and phones. Next week, it’ll be your soul It must be amazing to work for Facebook. Where other people might encounter a minor irritation… Read More ›

You can NOT overrule the Facebook terms of service with a simple post – it is a hoax

Here is a good article on both the hoax and the larger context: Copy of posting follows: MICKE|   DEC 3, 2014 You have seen them if you are on Facebook, and perhaps even posted one yourself. I’m talking about the statements that aim to defuse Facebook’s new terms of service, which are claimed to… Read More ›

The problem with Facebook – who sees your posts and why?

This is a seven minute video – but it is ABSOLUTELY worth wathching IMHO: It made me seriously think about shorting Facebook stock …

Dear Facebook…

Dear Facebook, I have read an article in the German magazine c’t which said it is time we users take our content back. After all, it is us creating the content. So while I appreciate your service and all the good stuff it brings I also don’t feel too much at ease with you ‘owning’… Read More ›