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Nepalese Food in Mountain View

First my cab driver turns out to be from Nepal. When asked about the “highest” (in altitude) he was, he said “Mt. Everest base camp”. Turns out he worked as Sherpa. Wow. Then the cashier at Fry’s ( is also from Nepal. By then I am hooked on Nepal and try to find a Nepalese… Read More ›

Breakfast from the Courtyard Hotel mini mart

Healthy, cheap and yummy…

Excellent Chinese food in Palo Alto

…with an easy to understand menu and some interesting stuff on the wall. I had vegetarian spring roll followed by Tofu with Shiitake mushrooms and veggies (veggie lunch), my co-luncher chose glaced Salmon.

Sandwich in Chicago: Potbelly, Part 2/2

Great food, nice atmosphere, friendly staff. See also Part 1

Sandwich in Chicago: Potbelly, Part 1/2

Great food, nice atmosphere, friendly staff. See also Part 2

Fresh Fruit at ATL (Atlanta) hotel, ATL airport hallway

MCO-ORD, Dinner at MCO

Orlando – Chicago, Dinner at Outback at Orlando airport

Sweet temptation…

And I fell for her…

Healthy, nice (and expensive) breakfast

in room, no time for the free breakfast at the conference, so I treated myself with this one… Didn’t even have time to eat the bagle but boy it was yummy. [[The white balance on the juice is wildly off; it was grapefruit, rather pink. Also, unfortunately I don’t know how to influence the tile… Read More ›

Japanese Dinner

At ‘Mist’ Restaurant at Renaissance Hotel Sea World Orlando