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Helsinki Harbor Cruise

Getting a ‘bonus evening’ and night in Helsinki thansk to Lufthansa pilot strike, I took a Helsinki Harbor cruise with a colleague. As I do not post any faces on Facebook (the irony…), I disguised him 🙂 It was a beautiful cruise…  

Helsinki Food at Aino restaurant

The AINO restaurant in Helsinki continues to be one of my favorites … Location is great (very close to market place, in the middle of Esplanadi street). Food this time: Starting with Vodka with “tarred” blueberries, then salad with goat cheese. Main dish was stewed raindeer (tasted much better than it looked); desert (to die… Read More ›

Finnish Dinner at Helsinki airport Hilton

The fish of the day was ‘Siika‘, a Finnish local fish (as to the best of my knowledge the Latin name of the fish is Coregonus lavaretus, English: European whitefish, German: Lavaret). The cheese is goat cheese, made in Finland, the beer is Lappin Kulta from tap. Hail to Finnish food…

Blue hour at Helsinki airport, at 23:00

You can still see the sun setting a bit, the nights here in Finland are already short. The picture shows the World Trade Center’ at the airport.