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Indian Cab “nine hills”

Another food-or-drink first: Red wine from India. And a nice one.

FAST India

Just a little thing I noticed, but I think with cultural relevance: with my little experience in India, I think I learned two things already: India is FAST India has little tolerance for mistakes. You make a mistake, well, too bad for you. So here is what I noticed and which I find fitting both… Read More ›

Indian traffic and the rules of the road

I was reading a book about India a few years back, “Holy Cow”, written by an expat. The book explained the rules for right if way in India. It is very simple, starting with the lowest creature on the road and moving up here is the order: Pedestrian, motorcycle, car, cab, tuk-tuk, bus, truck, …,… Read More ›

A burocracy problem turning into a security problem

Article is from Indian Times of today. I have lived in three countries and travelled to many. This issue here I cannot see happen in Germany (but boy, we have our own problems, trust me!). What I find somewhat ironic is that the exact same issue (workers not paid) was very real in the USA… Read More ›

Guava juice: made in India & drank in India

‘nuf said šŸ™‚

Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India – Nice atmosphere shown in short video

A short video of Juhu beach in the late afternoon. The atmosphere is rather nice; kids play, vendors are selling toys for kids to play with (some of the best vendors *are* kids).

Young, restless and Indian

Interesting article found in the International NYT on India, seeĀ Op-Ed Contributor: Young, Restless and IndianĀ (, or image below