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An evening cruise along the Bosporus…

OK, let’s start with a bit of Geography as this is rather confusing to myself.So here is a ‘naked’ map of Istanbul: Lots of water, isn’t it? Let’s figure out the pieces: The blue part on the right is Asia (from a continental plate point of view – this is all Turkey after all). It… Read More ›

Istanbul Holy sites tour

A quick walking tour along the so-called Blue Mosque and along the Hagia Sophia. Both very impressive sites. The Hagia Sofia used to be the largest sacred building for about 1000 years, to be topped only by St. Peters Basilica. Winding down with some Turkish delights in the hotel room 🙂

Food with a view – in Istanbul

Delightful food at a restaurant in Istanbul, overviewing the Golden horn ( Food is Turkish “fluffy bread”, nice meat kebab, interesting deserts, Turkish white wine. View shows Galata bridge and Golden horn, some mosks, Topkapi palace.

Frankfurt Istanbul

To Istanbul again after more than twenty years. Looking forward to an energetic city