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Steak! In London, the ‘Argentina way’

Great place at For guys eating away at roughly a kilo of meat. Not exactly vegetarian but as I rather eat great meat rarely than so-so meat often just my kind of thing… Photos are not optimal but for my memories sake here they are…

Dinner at the Crusting Pipe in London, again

Second time here for dinner (for first time please see here), again rather enjoyable. Starting the evening with a stout I have never drank before (with the nice name of old engine oil…), followed by a peppered sirloin steak (not looking like sirloin to me, felt more like rumpsteak, but was good nevertheless!) and two… Read More ›

In the meantime a Meantime…

with a view!

Japanese Food in London

One of my regular places to eat if I am at South bank. Nice food but they increased prices. Oh well.

Pub in Chelsea

With good pub food and ‘interesting’ beer

London Landmarks…

Being in London as a tourist and loving it…

Nice Japanese ‘Zen’ food in London

One of my favorite simple eating joints in Westminster area, non-pretentious, reasonably priced.┬áReviews (most of them rather negative?) see Today I had Udon Noodles in Shoya broth; with veggies, shiitake & Ki… mushrooms; bamboo dingsbums plus some Tonkatsu on the side. Yum.