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Michael Klare: Fossil Fuel Euphoria, Hallelujah, Oil and Gas Forever!

OK, time to go political again … Short version: if you are interested in non-mainstream-well-researched-mostly-liberal political analysis, here’s a source for you… Long version: on is an article I find important as it explains (in a lot of detail…) the truth and half-truth about the current ‘rennaisance’ of fossil fuels. Because I find it… Read More ›

Banks can be safe and profitable (!!!). Like, Really. Wall Street, listen

Please find an article by ‘The Economist’ a tad below… I won’t blog on Banks today (don’t get me started on them, lol)      

Obituary for Marcel Reich-Ranicki in The Economist

What a man …

The Three Threats to Privacy

Great article on online privacy: A copy follows. Food for thought! We talk a lot about privacy on the net nowadays. Some claim that privacy is dead, and you just have to cope with it. Some are slightly less pessimistic. But all agree that our new cyber-society will redefine and reduce what we once… Read More ›