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Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle) Korean style

Very nice local Korean restaurant serving huge pork knuckles (“Schweinshaxen”) the Korean way: cut in pieces to eat with chopsticks, accompanied by typical Korean side dishes. Koran Beer with it and also “Makgeolli“, a tradional Korean drink. Half-fermented, sweet, opaque, a bit fizzling – not too different from German Federweisser.

Korean barbecue in Seoul

Starting with local draft beer (“Kloud”) and with Soju, Koreas favorite alcoholic beverageĀ ( The barbecue takes place right at the table and consists of mushrooms, onions, potatoes and, most importantly, beef. Various side dishes such as different versions of Kim chi. Or ginger leaves. Finally Korean noodles, cold (!).

Korean food court food

Next to Baskin Robbins (!) and other food places this looked authentic. The iced noodles were indeed ice cold. (This was a large and not a deep plate). And yummy šŸ˜‹

A walk up to Seoul tower

N Seoul tower ( ) is conveniently located on a small hill and can be reached by cable car, bus or on foot. Choosing the latter option proved to be more strenuous than expected but worth it: Nice views aplenty… And an energy drink with a view

Street food in Korea

While the famous ‘electronics market’ was not too exciting we found a small and vibrant food market next to it. Yummy. 4000 won or about 3.5 EUR or about US $4.00