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Favorite airport lounge worldwide: ANA at Tokyo Narita airport

As I travel a lot, I see aplenty of lounges. Coming to this lounge the second time confirms my liking of it: A beer pouring machine (! – see ). Fresh soba noodles! – and a ANA Boeing 787 in Star Wars Design. I hope to come again …

Second and last evening in Tokyo, more wonderful food

A quick walk around Asakusa temple where they prepare for a festival (‘Sanja festival’, note the shrine in the picture, see, then to the Tokyo Skytree which has its three year anniversary. Rather than going up, we went to dinner at a nearby restaurant serving Teppan-Yaki. The meals shown are sea urchin (Seeigel), Abalone… Read More ›

Japanese food in … Tokyo. Yeah.

GyoroGyoro in Sinagawa InterCity building, B1F(B-B111) address : 2-15-2, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Restaurant site( Sorry, Japanese only…) These are just a few of several wonderful dishes… Rice balls, Sashimi, sea bream, scorpion fish, iced udon noodles 🍜 Taste and presentation are just magic…

Fantastic Japanese food, again

At restaurant Kisaragi in Tokyo (see , Ikegami, Ota, Tokyo Prefecture 146-0082, Japan +81 3-3753-7239 –  no own web site). This was a very memorable evening – excellent food and company. The following descriptions follow the pictures below, first left to right then top to bottom. Starting the evening with a Japanese single malt whiskey, onwards to to shark bones… Read More ›

American food in Tokyo: A hot dog for breakfast

As the Japanese eat warm food for breakfast, so did I. At a Tully’s shop, a hotdog with a twist (Avocado). Nice.

An evening walk in Asakusa, Tokyo

I have been there a few times already, but there are places you just cannot visit often enough. This is one of them.

Fantastic dinner in Tokyo “Asakusa Imahan”

Thanks to a local gentleman, we picked this restaurant ( and we were certainly not disappointed. We first took a quick tour of the Asakuso Temple, the off to the restaurant and ordering the Sukiyaki special (see second picture, to the right). Boy, what wonderful food… The meat is prepared in a pan in the middle… Read More ›