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Mozart at original location

Nice chamber music concert in Vienna. Mozart live in this place a bit, so did Haydn. They played string quartet together. Tiny room means being very close to musicians. Loved it.

Finally the Wiener schnitzel in Vienna

… at hotel Sacher of all places. Very nice nevertheless. The ‘Petersiliekartoffeln’ were nice, with plenty of butter. Not lean but wonderful.

Palais Strudlhof in Vienna

They are worse places for meetings…

Original Sacher Torte

At Cafe Sacher in Hotel Sacher Vienna. Surrounded by Asians but also locals… Nice.

Tafelspitz (again), in Vienna at Plachutta

Another ‘classic’ in Vienna, more upscale than yesterday at Figlmüller. The food is fabulous, both in presentation and taste. Best beef boullion (Kraftbrühe in German) EVER. Three variants of Tafelspitz, very lean, lean and not lean. Accompanied by excellent red wine 🍷 and a very nice desert wine. I like food from Vienna…