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Christmas 2013 – Random Thoughts

[Sorry my German friends but this will be in English – I am just too darn lazy to write this in two languages…]


This is somewhat of a personal note on Christmas 2013, not really intended for the public but not secret either. Here is some info about the author, Thomas Burg (that would be me).

So what is this page about? It is a high-tech extension of the Christmas card I sent around this year (2013). Sending out a Christmas card has become somewhat of a tradition of mine – the very first one was sent in Dec 1990 and I have missed only a few occasions since.

One ‘problem’ with Christmas cards is that if one writes too many (“spread the love” …) there is very little time to write actual text on the back of the card. Having started a blog this year (see here for why) I thought “why not do a high tech extension” – so here goes…

You also may come across this page via my blog – in that case forget about the Christmas card thing I mentioned and read on if you like.

Random Thoughts on Christmas

I have had these thoughts on Christmas for a long time, but now is the first time I bring them to ‘paper’:

What Chrismas is about

  • that will of course differ depending on your religious viewpoint… If you are Christian for instance, you are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. If you are a Jehovas’ witness, you are not celebrating anything. And so on, you know who you are.
  • beyond religion, Christmas has become a major FEST (German, you get the idea) with commercial and cultural implications
  • to me, it has always been about
    • Year end calmness and reflection
    • Spending time with the people you care about
    • A giving of presents, most importantly to kids, for whom life is still magic
    • LOVE in the larger sense (love thy neighbour, thy enemy, thy wife, thy kids, thy parents, …) – to quote a band from Liverpool “love, love, love”

What Chrismas is NOT about

Unfortunately, I think it is all too easy to forget the positive messages Christmas can bring and get tied up in the actual organization of the FEST. In my hometown (Wiesbaden, Germany) it is the same situation every year: People seem to be most stressed out in the four weeks prior to Christmas. I can relate to that (there are a-plenty of things to do) – but at the same time I think it is all wrong in a profound way: the time leading up to Christmas should be a time of joy, calm and reflection.

I don’t have any solution to this – if you find one let me know.


If you are not into the Christmas thing, enjoy the festive mood. If you are into it, I hope you can celebrate it in your best possible way. Enjoy it – Christ was born about two thousand years ago and I am sure he wasn’t too much into the stress thing 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014

Thomas Burg, December 2013

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  1. Ja, Nachdenklichkeit sollte man pflegen am FEST. Ruhe und Freude sind Voraussetzung dafür. Danke für Deine Gedanken zum FEST. Das reimt sich ja fast, aber Goethe bin ich nicht.

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